Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle Treatments

For That Fresh Looking Face

Facial lines and wrinkles can create an angry, upset or sad appearance and these negative expressions can make you look older than your age. Muscle Relaxing Treatment gently relax muscles to smooth fine line and wrinkles. Lines may even totally disappear. This treatment can also help prevent further wrinkles from forming and slow down the ageing process.

A purified product, free from complex proteins, administered in a few points over areas of concern. This relaxes muscles, resulting in a more youthful appearance. Onset of improvement varies between individuals and may appear as early as 2 days or may take up to 2 weeks. Lasts 3-6 months. Repeated treatment lasts longer.

Where are Wrinkle Treatment Used?

Frown Lines, Worry Lines, Crow’s Feet, Brow Asymmetry, Chemical Brow Lift, Jaw Slimming and Jaw Clenching, Excessive Underarm Sweating, Chronic Migraine Headaches


Hyperhidrosis with Dermal Treatments

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating is a condition that affects millions of people around the world. Dermal treatments successfully target the specific glands in the underarms responsible for excessive sweating by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands.

The procedure takes around 30 minutes. On average, you will notice a reduction in sweating in 3-7 days following the treatment. Full effectiveness is achieved after 3 weeks. Most people notice a slow return to sweating approximately 7-8 months following treatment, but it is not uncommon to have 11-12 months of relief. However, the amount of time that substance remains effective may vary. If you don’t have the treatment regularly, sweating will gradually return to the level it was prior to the treatment.

Side effects, if they occur, are usually temporary and very rare. The most common side effect with dermal treatment for Axillary Hyperhidrosis is a perceived increase in sweating in areas other than underarms.

Lines/Folds Treatment 

We use Volume Replacement Product and Muscule Relaxing Treatment  to create balance and harmony in the face. 

a. Temporary Volume Replacement 

There are tree types of temporary volume replacement products. They are all crystal clear gels, a substance that occurs naturally in our body. The product holds water, hydrates and gives volume to the skin and induces fullness. The result is instantaneous and lasts up to 9 – 18 months or even longer. Due to differences in composition, each product is designed and most effective for certain types of cosmetic corrections. These products  are placed into the skin, and anaesthetic cream is usually applied prior to treatment. The products provide a natural and rejuvenated appearance by “filling in ” or “plumping up” facial wrinkles and folds, or when applied  into the lips provide natural looking fullness and lip definition.

Temporary products are commonly used for:
Lips enhancement
Facial contours enhancement
Fine, moderate and deep wrinkle treatment
Cheek and chin augmentation
Nasolabial folds
Treatment of scars including acne scars
Other facial, neck and hands correction

b. Semi-Permanent Volume Replacement Product 

There are two types of semi permanent volume replacement product  used in our clinic for facial soft tissue augmentation and contouring. One product  produces an instantaneous result while the other provides a more gradual result.

b1. Next-generation Volume Replacement Product with Immediate Effects

This product consists of a dense cream-like texture substance that provides immediate visible improvements. This product gives long lasting results up to 2 years. Individual results may vary, affected by age, skin type, lifestyle and muscle activity. This high density product supports the skins’ natural integration and stimulates new tissue production. What is particularly remarkable is that a relatively small amount and usually one application of product provides a superior level of contouring finesse giving excellent overall correction.

This product provides an aesthetic solution for a range of common concerns such as:
Moderate to deep wrinkles
Furrows and scars
Cheek/chin augmentations
Nose reshaping or augmentation
Adds volume to facial depressions or imperfections
Hands rejuvenation

b2. Skin Smoothing/Diffuse Volume Augmentation Product With Gradual Results

This type of semi-permanent product is a synthetic, non-animal product that contains skin smoothing micro particles to help restore lost facial volume, and lifts and smoothes sagging skin. The product works by stimulating your own tissue and elastin production to replenish your skin and restore what has been lost due to the ageing process. It also significantly improves overall skin quality and texture. Usually 2 or 3 treatments are required a month apart and results last up to 3 years. Natural looking effects should become more noticeable after six weeks of the initial treatment.

This product is ideal for:
Replacing lost volume caused by ageing
Deep folds and wrinkles
Volume defects
Facial contour enhancements
Improves skin appearance
Improves skin freshness and smoothes skin texture
Hand rejuvenation
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