Cheek Contouring and Cheek Wrinkles

Many individuals desire fuller, more appealing cheek structure or wish to correct gaunt, sunken cheeks.  Both of these conditions can now be treated, non-surgically, with dermal volume replacement products. Mid face rejuvenation can give you curves in all the right places!

With dermal volume replacement products, the cosmetic doctor can provide fuller, more prominent cheeks.  A face that is relatively flat, or two-dimensional, can be augmented for a more appealing, three-dimensional look.  Additionally, this treatment can diminish a bony appearance and return a fuller, healthier look to the hollows on the flat portion of the face below the cheekbones.

Cheek Contouring

The cheekbone area is a key treatment zone for many individuals who are seeking a lift in one of several aspects of the face.  Over time, skeletal changes, fat loss and collagen depletion will flatten the cheeks.  This can accentuate sagging in many areas of the face like the hollows under the eyes, the jowls and a downward turn of the lips.

Correction of the cheek area with dermal volume replacement products can effect a subtle, yet dramatic, improvement in the appearance of an ageing face.

Depending upon the facial characteristics of the patient and their personal goals, the doctor can give the cheeks a smooth curve or a more defined ‘apple’ effect.  Patients desiring more of an apple-type cheek can ask for additional volume replacement products in the upper portion of the cheekbone area.  This procedure can add or restore appealing dimensions to a flat or sagging face.

Cheek Hollow Contouring

In the area below the cheekbones and out on the flat plane of the face, dermal volume replacement products can be used to correct a hollowing that occurs with age or disease.  Many individuals who suffer from hollow cheeks can experience remarkable results with a non-surgical dermal volume replacement product procedure in the cheek hollow areas.

Different types of dermal volume replacement products can be used to treat cheek hollows. Some dermal volume replacement products give instant results, while others will give a gradual, progressive, but longer lasting, result. Treatment will be individualised according to facial structure and your desires.

Wrinkles on the cheeks

Wrinkles on the cheeks can take many forms.  Some wrinkles extend from the crow’s feet down and out over the cheekbone.  Other wrinkles extend up from around the jaw line over the cheek hollow area of the face, while other wrinkles can emanate from several areas and cross hatch on the cheek hollow.

Before dermal volume replacement products are applied, most cosmetic physicians will numb the areas to be treated with a topical anaesthetic or local anaesthetic, depending upon the area to be treated and the physician’s preference.  Also, ice is often used during and after the procedure to help control any swelling

Upper Cheek Wrinkles

Crow’s feet wrinkles in some individuals can elongate over the cheekbone and onto the cheek hollow.  These lines are generally superficial and relatively shallow.  To treat these lines, dermal volume replacement products are typically combined with dermal product both to fill and relax the wrinkles.

In this area of the face, the wrinkle reduction will typically last longer than some other facial areas because there is less movement.  In some cases, with touch up treatments, patients have seen these wrinkles disappear for significant periods of time.

Lower Cheek Wrinkles

Some individuals have wrinkles that arch up the cheek hollow from around the jaw line.  Wrinkles in this area are commonly treated with dermal volume replacement products that give immediate results or other injectables which provide a gradual and progressive result.

Cheek Creping

Sometimes, wrinkles not only arch vertically from the cheekbone and/or the jaw line, but also emanate out horizontally from the middle of the face on the flat plane of the cheek hollows.  This can occur when an individual has experienced a significant amount of collagen breakdown and loss of elastin.  Some patients develop skin that looks like crêpe paper.

Dermal volume replacement products can not only diminish or eliminate the wrinkles but often also work to smooth the skin as well.  Over time, most patients will notice a marked improvement of the skin’s texture in the treated areas.  Maintaining the correction, over time with periodic treatments, will likely cause the patient to need lesser amounts of filler because the body responds by retaining fullness for a longer period of time.

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