Chin Contouring

Many individuals suffer from chins that are somehow misshapen. Some chins may look weak or under-formed. Many patients, particularly men, who complain of weak or under-formed chins often say they suffer from low self-esteem. Many other patients complain of a ‘jowled’ look or indentions on either side of the chin. Other patients may feel insecure about an overly prominent chin. These conditions can be corrected by utilizing dermal volume replacement products , as well as dermal tretments, to improve the chin contour.

Weak Chin

Over time, the chin of some individuals loses its definition as skeletal recession and facial atrophy takes its toll. A weak chin can play an important role in diminishing a person’s overall appearance and stature. If a receding chin is accompanied by jowls, then lifting the jowls will give the lower face better balance, diminishing the appearance of a weak or under-formed chin.

One method to treat a weak chin is cheekbone enhancement with dermal volume replacement products .  Another method is to augment the chin by direct placement of dermal volume replacement products in the chin. This method can help rebuild the prominence of the chin.

Facial balance and proportion = Beauty


Jowls form as facial features begin to sag. Dermal volume replacement products are used in two ways to help with jowls. The first method is to fill the sunken area with volume replacement products . The second way to alleviate this condition is to lift the jowls by placing dermal volume replacement products in the cheeks or along the jaw line. In some instances, the doctor will use a combination of these products to optimize contouring and longevity of the results.

Overly Prominent Chin

In a few individuals, chins are overly prominent or seem out of proportion to the remainder of the face. This is a condition that a significant number of female patients find troubling. If the individual with an overly prominent chin also has a sunken area close to the chin, then the dermal volume replacement products will help contour and balance the chin with the rest of the face.

Wrinkles on the Chin

Wrinkles on the chin include orange peel and a mental crease, as well as other general wrinkles that form on and around the chin. Wrinkles on the chin can be annoying or distracting and, in some instances, may give an individual an odd or unusual look.

Orange Peel

Many individuals develop a rough skin texture on the front area of the chin that can look something like an orange peel, thus the name. Orange peel of the skin is mostly a result of repeated contractions of the chin muscle.  Over time, the contractions may result in numerous thin, crosshatched lines that give the chin this undesirable look. The intent is to gently relax the muscles in the chin, so that contractions are not as pronounced.

If dermal products are repeated as soon as the effects of the previous treatment begin to wear off, then it is likely that treatments will be needed less frequently over time and with only minimal amounts of product. In effect, the thin grooves tend to fade away in many individuals after a few treatments.

Mental Crease

The mental crease is a horizontal groove between the chin and the area below the lips.  The mental crease can be a single deep groove or a combination of more than one line or groove.

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