Dermal Volume Replacement Treatments

Soft Tissue Augmentation

Dermal Volume Replacement Treatments  safely and effectively address changes observed in the ageing face or bring more attractiveness to younger faces. The art of dermal volume replacement treatment  has changed from corecting single lines to the correction of the whole face. This is called Pan Facial Rejuvenation. The process known as soft tissue augmentation uses volume replacement product to treat fine to deep wrinkles, folds and depleted volume in the face or hands. Dermal volume replacement product enhance your natural looks by restoring your skin’s volume and revitalising your appearance.

Sometimes referred to as soft tissue enhancement, dermal volume replacement product  take only a few minutes to perform and the cosmetic result are instant, natural and long lasting.

When Volume Replacement Product is applied into the area where the facial support has been weakened; any deep lines can be raised to the level of the surrounding skin. Skin texture, scars and smoothness will also be improved.

Where can Volume Replacement Product can be used?

There are several types of Dermal Volume Replacement Treatments:
Dermal Volume Replacement Treatments with a smooth, soft consistency
Dermal Volume Replacement Treatments with gradual facial enhancement

Dermal Volume Replacement Products  are made of a substance that already naturally occurs in the skin and is a very important component of skin structure. These products  come in different densities and consistencies and their job is to replace hydration at different layers of tissue that has diminished with age or was insufficient to begin with, as is the case with thin lips.

Higher density Dermal Volume Replacement Products are used to give a foundation to the face and then topped with less dense products. This is a layering technique your Cosmetic Physician will implement in order to achieve immediate, as well as natural and long lasting results, which last up to 18 months.

Your Cosmetic Physician will choose the perfect formula, or combination of formulas, that best suit your skin’s needs.

  • No preparation time is required with facial volume replacement product, though the patient may request topical numbing ice packs or numbing cream prior to the procedure.
  • Bruising may occur at sites.  Patients should avoid Aspirin, Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Vitamin E supplement or Fish oil prior to the procedure.
  • The procedure may take between 15-30 minutes. You should be able to resume normal activities upon leaving the clinic.
  • All facial volume replacement products used at River City Cosmetic Medicine Clinic are safe and long lasting.
  • Dermal volume replacement products are a low risk, high quality products and have been successfully used for over a decade to enhance people’s looks in a natural and safe way.

Dermal volume replacement products in combination with other dermal treatments provide a natural, long lasting result and this combination is highly recommended

The most important aspect in facial rejuvenation is to achieve a natural look.
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