Nonsurgical Brow Lift Drooping Eyelids

Some individuals have a problem with eyebrow descent or drooping eyelids.  This problem may be corrected with surgery or, in some instances, with a non-surgical procedure, often referred to as a Brow lift.

Cosmetic Physicians are now using progressive medical techniques with dermal volume replacement and muscle-relaxing products to contour areas around the eyes. Healthcare professionals can correct or diminish a number of problems with dermal volume replacement products, such as eyebrow descent, drooping eyelids, bags under eyes and the appearance of dark circles or sunken areas under the eyes and in the tear trough.

One of the ways a cosmetic physician will lift the upper eyelids is to place dermal volume replacement products under the skin, immediately behind the eyebrow. This technique is a way to provide a gentle lift to a sagging eyelid, referred to as a Liquid Brow lift.  It also can serve as an appealing accent to the eyebrow line.  An additional benefit of this procedure is that it can help lessen squinting, which decreases the tendency to develop crow’s feet (lines extending from the corners of the eyes).

Another technique commonly used is to place dermal volume replacement products in the temple area.  This provides a gentle and subtle lift to the eyes and brow line, as well as other parts of the face.  It also can help produce an appealing contouring of the forehead.  In many individuals, the temples flatten with age making the forehead look bony.  Dermal volume replacement products can restore a more natural contour to the forehead.

The third possibility is to use dermal volume replacement products  into the forehead.  The product is placed beneath the skin across the forehead.

Before dermal volume replacement products are applied, a doctor will numb the treated area with a topical or local anaesthetic cream. Ice is often used during and after the procedure to help control any swelling.

In combination with the dermal volume replacement product, other dermal products are usually applied into specific muscles and specific areas of the muscles, generally in depressor muscles between, and on either side of, the eyebrows.  These treatment effectively relax the muscles that are pulling down, letting the muscles that are pulling up win the battle between them.

The dermal procedure helps extend the life of the dermal volume replacement products.  Muscle movement works to break down the dermal volume replacement product over time. With exaggerated muscle movement under control, the dermal volume replacement product last longer.  Regular dermal treatments will extend the life of these dermal volume replacement procedures.

Sunken Eyes and Dark Circles

Sunken eyes and dark circles affect many individuals as they age, although many young people suffer from dark circles as well. Sunken eyes and dark circles can make an individual look tired or unhealthy, even when they are in good health.  This condition can affect an individual’s interpersonal relationships, business opportunities and self-esteem. A treatment for these conditions includes the use of specific dermal volume replacement products.

The dermal volume replacement products are generally placed in an area below the lower rim of the eye or in the area of the cheeks to treat sunken eyes and dark circles. Each of the dermal volume replacement product works differently to achieve the look you desire.  In general, they each provide some combination of filling the sunken area with a natural substance found in the body and stimulate your body to produce more collagen. You will achieve a refreshed appearance that rejuvenates and enhance your natural look.

Bags under eyes

Many individuals suffer from bags under their eyes.  This condition can worsen with age.  Under eye bags are an unappealing distraction that can be corrected, in many instances, without surgery by using dermal volume replacement product.

The doctor uses dermal volume replacement products under the eyes to fill in the depressed curve that forms between the cheek and the bag so that the curves will be in the right place. Your Cosmetic Physician will also build up the cheek to help smooth the area between the bag and cheek.  The goal is to fill the trough below the bag and lift the cheek to provide a more natural contour between the two, effectively masking the appearance of the bag.

This is a procedure that typically takes less than 30 minutes. After detail analysis of facial structures around the eyes area, the cosmetic physician will choose the optimal dermal volume replacement product and technique in order to achieve the best possible result.

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