Neck Lines Rejuvenation

On the neck, horizontal lines, known as necklace lines, and vertical ridges, called platysmal bands, may be treated with dermal volume replacement products, Anti-Wrinkle product and Bioremodeling Skin Booster 

Necklace Lines

Photodamage to the skin, loss of collagen and elastin, as well as laxity of the neck muscle, can contribute to formation of horizontal wrinkles and lines, known as necklace lines.  These lines may be treated. While it may take a greater amount of dermal volume replacement products to treat necklace lines than most facial areas, the results may last longer than is typical with other cosmetic dermal volume replacement product treatments because of less muscle movement on the neck.

Platysmal Bands

The platysma neck muscle may become more lax or more enlarged with age. When this happens, vertical bands may become more pronounced when the muscle is contracted.  Muscule Relaxing Treatments can be used to diminish the appearance of the bands.

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