Many individuals are concerned about the contour or imperfections of their noses. For this reason, a surgical nose job, known as Rhinoplasty, is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure. While surgery may still be the best option for many individuals, the non surgical nose job alternative is a viable option for a large number of Rhinoplasty candidates.

Much of the nose shape is determined by cartilage placement. Using a dense long term volume replacement product to “reshape” the contours of the nose can provide some obvious and appreciated improvements, whether in the nose body, tip or bridge.

For nose reshaping we use different volume replacement product depending on your facial structures and treatment goals.

During the procedure the cosmetic physician applies a topical numbing cream or local aesthetic  in order to numb the treated area. Dermal volume replacement product are placed to fill in depressions, smooth out sharp angles, and perhaps to change the angle of the tip of the nose. The procedure is designed to restore the desired facial symmetry and to make the nose contour more appealing. Since you are awake, you may interact with the doctor with the goal of achieving your desired results.

A 15 minute nose job is an excellent and affordable option for people who:
Do not want to undergo extensive Rhinoplasty.Who want an instant result, no down time
Who have Slightly crooked or uneven noses
Have small noses that need building up
Have an Asian shaped noses that would like more height
Hook or beak shaped noses that would like straightening
Have a nose that he or she feels is too large or too small in comparison with other facial features
Have a bump on the bridge of the nose

Dermal volume replacement product, in combination with dermal treatments, sometimes achieve very impressive results.

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