Skin Analysis

A Professional Opinion About Your Skin

Skin analysis is regularly performed by our dermal therapists. Initial skin consultation includes a detailed skin examination under a Magnifying Lamp and Woods lamp. Professional skin analysis provides assessment of skin elasticity, amount of moisture and discoloration as well as a degree of sun-damaged skin. All your skin concerns will be addressed and particular care is taken to fulfill your expectations.

Related to a detailed analysis of your skin parameters, an individualized treatment plan will be made for your specific needs. A prescription chart will be completed in regard to what in house procedure you need and which pharmaceutical grade skin care is best for you. The regular use of skin care products at home is an essential part to maintain healthy good looking skin.

Love the skin you’re in! You can change clothes with the latest fashions- but you CAN NOT change your skin. Investing in your skin’s health is the best preventative measure you can take.

To maintain good skin care we recommend four essential steps:
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