Mini Liquid Face Lift

It is now possible, with new technologies and techniques, to lift and tighten the face without surgery. These techniques are minimally invasive and are practically without down time. Our Cosmetic Physician will achieve the mini facelift through an individual, patient customised, synergistic combination of dermal fillers, dermal injections and radio frequency (RF) heating of the skin dermis. The key to this mini facelift is the treatment of multiple facial areas using more than one product, depending on the patient’s specific need.

Dermal fillers – One of the key causes of facial ageing is volume loss. Volume loss can lead to skin laxity, in a similar way that a beach ball would become flaccid if it lost some air.  The replacement of lost volume will tighten and lift facial skin, giving a natural appearance. Dermal fillers are the most common way of replacing lost volume in the face. They can be used in areas such as the cheek, brow, jaw line and chin to help lift skin and improve skin firmness. The cheek contour should be restored first. This results in a lift of the face and a diminution of the nasolabial folds. This procedure is designed to restore a youthful fullness to the face, as well as lift and shape facial contours, which sag and hollow due to the natural ageing process.

Radio Frequency skin tightening-This is a no down time treatment that involves heating the skin with a radio frequency device. It is actually a relaxing and pleasurable treatment that gently heats the skin to 40-42 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the elastin fibres in the skin shrink and the skin subsequently tightens.

No face is completely symmetrical but, the more symmetrical your features, the more you are judged attractive.

Special dermal fillers are capable of restoring lost volume in the temples and cheeks by stimulating your own tissue production. In effect, these fillers can “lift” jowls and reshape the face to a more youthful appearance. A natural high-viscosity sugar based filler and Calcium based dermal fillers, as well as Natural Volumising filler, are useful for volume correction in the cheek, chin or temple area. You may have an instant result or a gradual and progressive volumisation of your face with a smooth skin texture, depending on the product, or products, you choose.

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