IPL Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL is a safe and effective way of removing unwanted hair. Pulse light therapy uses a broad spectrum light of different wave lengths ranging from 400-1200 nm.The light is absorbed by the hair pigmentation and travels to heat the follicle and destroy it without damage to the surrounding tissue. Hair growth is reduced and removed by a series of up to 6 treatments using controlled light impulses (IPL) on to the area which is known as photo depilation.

Does it hurt?

As the controlled intense pulsed light passes in to the skin the most regular description is on of feeling a very slight warm elastic band sensation.

Why have IPL Hair Removal?

The IPL hair removal treatments removes the need for regular waxing and shaving that only remove the hair for the time of the follicular growth cycle and traumatise the skin. Ingrown hair follicles are a thing of the past and you do not have to put up with stubbly areas again. We treat many hair colours and skin types and have a high percentage of clients that have extensive hair growth as a genetic element of their ethnicity. IPL is the treatment of choice for women and men who want to remove hair and feel released from the constant ties of waxing and shaving. Compare the cost of waxing, shaving over a period of time against the convenience and no more fuss and it’s paid for itself! 

Preparation prior to a treatment:
No sun or UV exposure for at least 15 days prior to treatment
No application of self tanning creams or lotions
No plucking or waxing the hair follicles for 4 weeks prior to, or during, the treatment
No bleaching or tinting of the hair for 4 weeks prior to, or during, the treatment

No sun or UV exposure to treated area for 15 days
Daily use of SPF 30+ is recommended
Prices from $30, subject to consultation with dermal therapist.
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