Laser Hair Removal

1064nm/Nd YAG Laser for Hair Removal

Apart from vein removal Nd YAG 1064nm laser is used for hair removal, in particular on darker skin types. The 1064nm wavelength has only a small attraction to melanin, but a high affinity for haemoglobin. This makes it an ideal laser for the treatment of veins/hair on all skin types from fair to dark.

How does laser hair removal work?

The laser travels through the skin to the hair follicle, attracted to the hair follicle by the pigment in the hair. This damages and weakens the hair follicle.

Preparation prior to a treatment
No sun or UV exposure for at least 15 days prior to treatment
No application of self tanning creams or lotions

No sun or UV exposure to treated area for 15 days
Daily use of SPF 30+ is strongly

Laser hair removal is performed only by a Cosmetic Physician. An initial and complimentary consultation is essential to determine if you are a suitable laser candidate and the cost of the treatment.

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